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What can we tell you about us?

At Creative Back Benchers, we provide a wide range of creative, professional video & photography services to meet our customer's requirements. We build your project ground up from the concept stage to the final delivery. Our videos and photographs are captured using state of the art high end equipment to provide absolute colour accuracy and sharpness.

Innovation doesn't rest, neither do we. Entirely new tools and features give you more control than ever. Our devices give you more entertainment and more productivity. Advanced technologies are a great leap in device's quality. We believe in breakthrough quality services and full customer delight. If you’d like to find out more or discuss how we could get your brand talked about, why not get in touch? We’ll be happy to talk.

Wedding Photography

We create vibrant, unique and expressive photographs. Whether it be the exotic pre wedding couple shoot, or an event from wedding days, our documentary style candid photography will certainly leave an impression.

Commercial Photography

As professional commercial photographers, we provide high quality digital images that can blown up to poster size for your exhibitions, corporate brochures and presentations. The re-size versions are generally used for your websites and other online media.

Fashion Photography

Creative Backbenchers is one of the leading name in fashion photography; we have the skills & the experience to execute a fashion photo shoot to the best of your satisfaction. We know you'll be excited and you will want to be in the best shape for your session and this is important. Your search for the best fashion photography has brought you to the right place.

Kids Photography

We believe a photoshoot is all about the experience and we strive to make this possible for you. We have a unique way of getting along with the family & kids and ensures complete attention to detail.

Maternity Photography

Of all the many joys we experience in life, the most valuable of them is that we feel in the company & warmth of our loved ones. Those we call our family - those we are tied to from birth as well as those we choose to make our own. We are on a journey to capture and preserve these bonds through my images. Working with natural light, we like to document the realities where you experience this love.

Product Photography

The two very important aspects of product photography are lighting and colors. Creative Backbenchers is the right place where your products are brought to life.

Food Photography

Creative Backbenchers team is full of foodie photographers, which is extremely important to capture food. We know what will make a viewer want to eat that food item and we make sure to present just that in the form of pictures. Drooling food pictures is always the aim, isn’t it? Food Photography is our most favourite part as we get to eat a lot of it. Who wouldn’t want that? Being a Food Photographer has it’s perks.

Product Photography

We have been capturing photographs at conferences, business meetings, exhibitions, seminars and events for than 5 years now. Corporate Events Photography is a specialised branch of photography we have expertised in which caters to the exact requirements of the corporates to cover various events such as annual general meetings [AGM], opening ceremonies, corporate functions, special events involving cocktails and dinners etc.


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